Energizer Advance Into Overdrive Jimmy Twinkle Recap

The members of Jimmy Twinkle and the BAD woke up to a frosty Michigan morning on Thursday, having little to no sleep but excited about flying to New York to play Rock Band in front of thousands of people for 20 straight hours. We made our way quickly through the empty GR Ford International airport and onto the plane which was also pretty empty so we took advantage of the space and had a great flight to New York. When we arrived at the airport, a man in a tuxedo was holding a Jimmy Twinkle and the BAD sign. We followed him to our amazing limo!  Over the weekend we took limos everywhere and they came fully stocked

Rock Star Moment #1 – Riding in Style
Our limo took us to the beautiful W Hotel at Times Square. We took several elevators to our rooms, and marveled at the twin 42” Plasma TVs, amazing beds and $8 water.

Rock Star Moment #2 – Living the High Life
We took a quick walk to the MTV store to check out where we’d be performing the next day. The setup at the store was sweet, including a Mad Catz Official Rock Band™ Wireless Fender™ Stratocaster Replica!  We got a tour of the MTV offices before we sat down for our first interview. Everyone we met was really nice and great to be around, which came in handy during the 20 hour set list. We headed back to our hotel for some much needed sleep before the next day.

We woke up early on Friday morning and were treated to breakfast with the freshest berries at Blue Fin. We made our way once more to the MTV store, this time to rock… and we weren’t going to stop anytime soon. The event was amazing, there were literally thousands of people that saw us play. The Energizer Bunny was there and crowds were forming inside and outside of the store. The storefront was one big window so everyone in Times Square could see us play!  We let fans play a song or two if one of us needed to eat or answer some interview questions. Jimmy began to lose his voice around the halfway point, but kept on until the end. We all got pretty tired, especially around the 17 hour mark but nobody gave up and we only got more energy as the clock ticked closer to 20 hours. This was an experience none of us will soon forget.

Rock Star Moment #3 – Performing in Front of Thousands of People!
After plenty of well earned sleep, the band hopped into another limo and cruised to Anja Bar where we enjoyed 5 star cuisine. This place was high class. We finished our amazing meals and headed to Quo to dance (or head bop) the night away. We lived it up and didn’t return to the hotel until 5 AM.

Rock Star Moments #4 and #5 – Put It On My Tab, Party Like A Rock Star
We took our final limo to the airport on Sunday and made it home safely and quickly. Adjusting to life back home has been a bit rough. No one picks us up in a limo, we don’t get recognized in the street for being rock stars from the MTV store, and we have to feed ourselves. Can you believe that?  Energizer, MTV Games, Harmonix, the fans and everyone else involved really showed us what it was like to live the life of a star and play Rock Band for 20 hours. It was a fantastic opportunity that will be hard pressed to top. We’d like to thank everyone who got us to New York and who stopped by or tuned in to watch us conquer that behemoth of a set list. The rock lives on!

Check out a video recap of the contest here!