The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 2 – Epic Enlightenment

The Official podcast for Rock Band fans coming straight from the company that made the game – Harmonix Music Systems. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Events and surprises!

The second episode! Always better the second time around! Interview with Paul & Storm of Paul& Storm fame. Also the first episode of Social, RBN music overview and a DLC roundtable.

  • 1:22 :: Interview with Paul and Storm
  • 10:36 :: RBN Transmission ep1
  • 15:08 :: Social ep1
  • 21:05 :: DLC Roundtable

Music: The Main Drag - Dove Nets, The Cold Goodnight - Give, Full-Source - Up Stem (Down Stem), Jonathon Coulton - The Future Soon

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