The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 4 – Awkwardly Standing Around Microphones

The Official podcast for Rock Band fans coming straight from the company that made the game – Harmonix Music Systems. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Events and surprises!

The music and talking keep on playing as we stand around microphones in all our awkward awesomeness. Find out about the Grace Williams prefab with the real life Grace Williams. Also DLC Roundtable, Big Dipper interview excerpt and the first episode of "Stuff We Think Is Cool" with the best Steph!

  • 1:47 :: Big Dipper Interview
  • 7:36 :: Interview with Grace Williams
  • 10:43 :: Stuff We Think Is Cool ep1
  • 18:02 :: DLC Roundtable

Music: Suit of Hair - Flying Underground, DnA's Evolution - The Heist

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