The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 5 – Better Than One Star

The Official podcast for Rock Band fans coming straight from the company that made the game - Harmonix Music Systems. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Events and surprises! If you have something to say or a Rock Band Story to share, send us an audio message on Skype hmx.mailbox - You may just end up in an upcoming podcast!

Way better than one star, we may have just 5 starred this podcast. Let's check the results screen! Find out about what The Hellion & Vagiant Boston are up to in another episode of Social. Also included: DLC Roundtable, a new segment called "So You Want To Be A Game Developer" and find out what's on Keith Smith's (Anarchy Club) desk.

  • 1:41 :: Social ep3 with The Hellion
  • 12:19 :: So You Want To Be A Game Developer ep1
  • 17:52 :: What's On Your Desk ep1 with Keith Smith
  • 23:29 :: DLC Roundtable

Music: Full-Source - No More Moon, Tijuana Sweetheart - Trash Candy

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