The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 6 – Friendship Bread

The Official podcast for Rock Band fans coming straight from the company that made the game - Harmonix Music Systems. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Events and surprises! If you have something to say or a Rock Band Story to share, send us an audio message on Skype hmx.mailbox - You may just end up in an upcoming podcast!

Happy Holidays rockers! We’ve got a little present for you this week - it’s the Friendship Bread episode! We’ve got a podcast that’s a little longer and chock full of soul-nourishing segments like:

  • 1:14 :: An insightful sitdown between Mr. Pope and Bryn from Bang Camaro
  • 20:43 :: HMXThrasher chats with YRDaddy about his succesful Rock Band Bar night
  • 25:51 :: TheBestSteph brings back “Stuff We Think is Cool”
  • 32:51 :: And finally, a very special DLC roundtable ripe with trivia and secrets galore!

See you next year folks!

“Assumed By You” by Spirit Kid
“Swallow the Razor” by Bang Camaro

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