The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 9 – Fart, We CAN Say!

If you somehow missed all the cool stuff that happened last week, then you MUST listen to this podcast. It’s work hard, play hard, all the time here at Harmonix. Kat interviews the residents of HMXWebtowne about the blood sweat and tears that went into the launch of RBN (now officially in public Beta!). Pope, Thrasher, Henry, and Alex recount their adventures at NAMM (that’s the National Association of Music Merchants) and throw up some jazz hands. TheBestSteph is back with more “Stuff We Think is Cool.” (Spoilers, gigglegent HMXKfan is involved!). Finally we’ve got an ode to tractors a DLC roundtable to tidy things up.

  • 2:45 :: Intro with HMXKatattack
  • 3:19 :: Adventures in NAMM-ey land
  • 13:35 :: Stuff We Think is Cool ep 3 (Bevpert edition)
  • 25:55 :: What’s New With Webtowne? Episode 1
  • 40:10 :: DLC Roundtable (Ode to Tractors edition)

Damian’s article:

RBN PAX Panels:

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