The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 10 – Splatter Area

Warning, the first three rows will be in the splatter area :: we’re making a mess! Well, an auditory mess :: our extended DLC roundtable this week features singing! Before you let your eardrums be assaulted though we’ve got some great segments for you. Meet the newest member of the Community Team, Kyle, also known as HMXDropslash. Mr. Pope also has the first in an incredible two part interview with Dan Teasdale, Senior Designer here at Harmonix. Dan answers questions that members of the Rock Band community have been dying to know :: so grab your tarps and tune in.

  • 0:12 :: Intro with OHMYGOSH…It’s Alex Navarro!
  • 0:48 :: Meet Kyle, He’s New.
  • 2:25 :: So You Want to Be a Game Developer? In-depth Interview with Dan Teasdale Pt. 1.
  • 23:05 :: DLC Roundtable
  • 29:55 :: Outro

Music credits:
“Homosuperior” by The Main Drag
“VP of Booty Reports” by Speck

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