The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 11 – Awesomeness Detection

This week’s episode is full of awesomeness! HMXHenry has a fun chat with HMX alum Bret Rouse about being a non-musician at Harmonix. Then we get to part 2 of my riveting interview with Dan Teasdale, this time answering user-submitted questions from the Rock Band forums. Finally, the secret of Awesomeness Detection is OUT! And finally, we wrap things up by giving you the lowdown on next week’s Rock Band DLC.

  • 0:23 :: Intro with HMXTheBestSteph
  • 1:01 :: HMXHenry sits down with Harmonix alum Bret Rouse
  • 7:34 :: So You Want to Be a Game Developer? In-depth Interview with Dan Teasdale Pt. 2.
  • 37:32 :: DLC Roundtable
  • 38:04 :: Outro

Music credits: “Keep Waiting” by Libyans, “My name is Aaron (I'm so awesome (I know a power chord (This is a power chord)))” by Giant Target, “Casey Malone: A Casey Malone Story” by DJ Adobe Gamma Loader.exe

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