The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 12 – LalaohlalaPodcastOhlala

We’ve been super busy this week! Can you handle all of the big news? RBN! Gaga! RB3! And wait, there’s more :: it’s a podcast! First up, we’ve got a super secret interview with HMXKfan. He’s out at GDC this week talking to people about how to break into the industry. If you can’t make it to GDC, no worries, you can get his tips here on our podcast!

Social is also back with a very special, heartwarming segment about kung-fu. And of course, we’ve got an extended DLC roundtable. It’s the worst round-table to date but special guest Fish helps redeem it with an amazing story about his first encounter with the Gaga. Also, hidden somewhere in this podcast is a voicemail from someone faking a terrible American accent…

  • 0:10 :: Intro with HMXKatattack
  • 0:31 :: So You Want to Be a Game Developer? HMXKfan talks jobs
  • 7:59 :: The return of Social! We talk Kung-fu with HMXAnarkeith and HMXNatrix
  • 17:27 :: DLC Roundtable
  • 25:20 :: Top secret information

Music credits: "Push Push (Lady Lightning)” by Bang Camaro (available in RBN), “Flourish” by Alchemilla (available in RBN)

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