The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 14 – Well I Heard. . .

It was great meeting so many of you at PAX East! We got a ton of in-person feedback from you lot and were happy to put your suggestions into practice. You’ll notice the podcast is a bit longer this week – and the DLC roundtable is completely unedited! So you’ll be in on all the insanity that happens in our floating sky fortress of rock. Also included in this week’s episode, tons of insider info about RBN –you’ll hear from authors, playtesters, and artists involved in the process. Finally, I’m really excited to bring you a sneak peek at my interview with Ol from Evile – check out the full clip in the Blog!

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  • 00:19 :: Intro
  • 1:35 :: HMXSean gives some shoutouts
  • 3:50 :: The Giggleb*s are back! Hear what we have to say about PAX East
  • 10:25 :: The Perks of Playtesting – An Informal Chat With Members of the RBN Community
  • 19:30 :: HMXThrasher Chats with the Man Behind The Finger Blistering Guitar Riffs in One of our Toughest DLC Songs
  • 25:10 :: HMXajbc from DNAs Evolution Offers Some Insight Into What RBN Means For Indie Bands
  • 31:45 :: A Completely Unedited DLC Roundtable!
  • 38:24 :: HMXHenry Sends You Love and Kisses

Music credits: “Sarah” by Nay of Oxytocin (, “Blink” by Father Octopus

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