The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 15 – “It’s a BIG Belt Buckle”

Watch that first step, it’s a dooozy! We’ve got a fun one for you this week, gang. Lots of exclusive content. HMXPope and HMXCasey sat down with Boston Air Guitar Champion, Windhammer, to discuss the world of air guitar, chaps, Manowar, professional wrestling, Phillies fans, and HMXCasey’s prize-winning Magic: The Gathering skillz.

We’ve also got a great new installment of our So You Want To Be A Game Developer series that you’ll want to check out for advice on getting in to the industry. Speaking of which, our HR maven, HMXKfan sat in with us for our DLC Roundtable, or Poundtable as I like to call it, and plug his new book about finding awesome jobs! Rounding it all out, we’ve got a sneak peek of HMXThrasher’s interview with fan-faves A Day to Remember.

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  • 00:15 :: Intro by HMXJohnD
  • 1:25 :: HMXThrasher’s A Day To Remember Interview
  • 3:31 :: So You Want to be a Game Developer with HMXligeri and HMXandroidqueen
  • 6:29 :: Social! HMXPope and HMXCasey chat with HMXWindhammer about Air Guitar Competitions
  • 33:34 :: DLC Roundtable with extra special guest HMXKfan
  • 41:11 :: Outro

Music credits: “Together” by Alchemilla (

“True Praise” by M-Cue of Oxytocin (

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