The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 16 – “Good Job Makin’ It”

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! We’ve got a very long and festive podcast for you this week. Pope starts off this week with a “So You Want to Be…” interview with Jim Toepel, QC Manager for Harmonix’s hardware department. Hear all about his time at Boeing and his previous job making heat shield tiles for rocketships.That’s right, ROCKETSHIPS!

Next up HMX alum Mr. Veng brings a preview of his interview with RBN band Skeletonwitch. Check out the full interview in the 'Zine. The guacamole of this podcast burrito is our Independent Film Festival Boston recap. Listen in as film buffs Casey, Rumz, and Mr. Pope review this year’s selections, recount awkward run-ins, and offer up some insider info. Finally we top it all off with a spicy DLC roundtable.

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  • 0:15 :: Intro by HMXThrasher
  • 1:20 :: So You Want to be a Game Developer with Jim Toepel
  • 14:40 :: Preview of HMX alum Veng’s Interview with Skeletonwitch
  • 17:15 :: Social! HMXPope, HMXCasey, & HMXRumz Give the Skinny On IFF Boston
  • 49:19 :: Voicemail from our awesome fan Austin!
  • 49:30 :: DLC Roundtable with extra special guest burritos and Mr. Pope’s IM chat with Nick Chester!
  • 53:20 :: Outro

Music Credits: “Can’t Stop the Night” by Bang Camaro, “Cams & Lights” by ‘Leb and M-Cue of Oxytocin

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