The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 17 – “That’s Hot Audio”

Saddle up and hit the streets with this week’s podcast. We’ve got two new additions to our “So You Want to be a Game Developer” series with Audio QA Vocal Lead HMXPardo and Audio Manager Heather Wilson. They’re going to be discussing how they got to Harmonix and how you can get into your favorite game studio!

We’ve also got beloved HMX Alum, Veng, interviewing RBN metal monsters Holy Grail! They almost stabbed him, they are so metal! We’ve also got our regular DLC Roundtable segment, telling you what you can buy next week, followed by some fantastic user voicemails!

  • 0:18 :: Intro by HMXPope
  • 1:04 :: So You Want to be a Game Developer with Heather Wilson
  • 12:39 :: HMX alum Veng’s Interview with Holy Grail
  • 24:03 :: So You Want to be a Game Developer with HMXPardo
  • 35:59 :: DLC Roundtable
  • 41:26 :: Skype Voicemails from Marcouzzz and MileyCyrusSoulja
  • 54:23 :: Outro

Music Credits:

“Hot Audio” by Radio Control

“Iron Mountain” by Megasus

“American Sacrifice” by Hello Ghost

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