The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 18 – “Ridin’ The Cherry Waves”

Wow, this is our longest podcast yet. There’s a ton of stuff included, so if you want to skip around be sure you check out the timestamps below. Starting off, we’ve got a room full of developers yelling at each other about Lost. Head’s up, there are SPOILERS!

Next up, Mr. Pope sits down with Chris Foster (HMXSlappy) to get the full scoop on Green Day: Rock Band. If you offered up questions about the game on the forums you’ll want to listen in. HMXSlappy covers everything from mo-cap techniques to song selection to design insights.

We’ve also got a quick sneak peek at my interview with Paul Koehler, drummer and manager from the band Silverstein. The full interview will be hitting the T-Mobile Inside RBN page next week. Be sure to visit for the full interview including details about Silverstein’s upcoming DVD and their concept album.

Finally, we plunge into the DLC sinkhole of excellence and claw our way out with voicemails and other surprises.

  • 0:06 :: Intro by HMXThrasher
  • 0:42 :: Social! Get Lost in Limbo With the HMX Lost Series Recap
  • 29:15 ::HMXPope and HMXSlappy Give The Skinny On Green Day: Rock Band
  • 1:02:00 :: Sneak Peek at Our Interview with Silverstein*
  • 1:09:20 :: DLC Sinkhole
  • 1:14:40 :: Skype Voicemail from Jon Brady aka Yamster of Sarcastic Gamer

Music Credits: “Perfect” by Ligeri & Inner Dialogue of Oxytocin, “What I Came Here For” by The Konks

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