The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 20 – Requiem for Beard Man

We’re back from E3, but still haven’t recovered. It was an amazing time and we’ve got lots to talk about! We do just that in this episode, with special guests, including the Rock Band Forums’ favorite, Beard Man, aka Windhammer, aka Rob Weychert, who is, sadly, moving on to start his own company in NYC. What better way to send him off than on our podcast?

After that Thrasher sits down with two of our coworkers, who also happen to be fantastic rock photographers. After that we have a great DLC Roundtable with a GREAT DLC announcement for this week. Kurt Davis (Konks frontman and our resident rock icon) joins us to share his wealth of musical knowledge. Enjoy!

  • 0:45 – E3 Wrap-Up with HMXThrasher, Windhammer, Chanel, Dish, and HMXPope
  • 26:40 – Social! HMXThrasher talks with HMXLushLife and Jess about Concert Photography
  • 40:58 – DLC Roundtable with Kurt Davis and other special guests

Music Credits: “Honey” and “Let the Music Do the Talking” by The Konks

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