The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 21 – A 20 Something On The Brink

We’re full swing into summer and battling crazy adventures on the road, massive rainfall here in Boston, and sweltering heat. The Community Team continues pushing on though, bringing you more podcast goodness to keep you cool and refreshed. Up this week, an incredible “So You Want To Be…” segment.

Mr. Pope gets down to business, grilling engineer Doug Applewhite, about his incredible past at tiny little companies like Industrial Light & Magic. (You’ve never heard of them right?). Next up, I break in our spiffy new phone recorder with the fabulous, the gorgeous, and the mega-talented, Maria Brink. The In This Moment front woman gives us a head’s up about the band’s new album and their upcoming Mayhem Fest tour dates. Finally, we’ve got a small band of three holding strong with this week’s DLC wrap up.

  • 0:24 :: Intro with HMXHenry
  • 1:13 :: So You Want To Be A Game Developer! HMXPope Chats With Doug
  • 16:20 :: HMXThrasher Chats With Frontwoman Maria Brink From RBN Artist In This Moment
  • 31:47 :: The DLC RoundTrinity…or Something Like That…

Music Credits: “Night Vision” by Taxpayer, “How We Live” by Steve & Lindley Band

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