The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 22 – The Jewels of Radiation

Hey everyone – we went to Comic-Con last week. It was awesome. If you were caught up by all the cos-play and missed out on our adventures, tweets, and new RB3 news then check out this podcast. We’ve got some DLC info, some RB3 and Dance Central News, plus loads of stories about our run-ins with celebrities and poor shoddy Batmans. Oh, and we’re also trying out a new format. We’d love to hear your feedback so feel free to leave some comments below.

And don’t forget, if you hung out with us at Comic-Con and you’ve got some embarrassing photos you can share them here:

  • 0:00 :: No Time Stamps This Week (experimental new format) – Just Listen!

Music Credits:

“No Mercy” by Tijuana Sweetheart *
*It’s an awesome song about The Karate Kid – what else would suit a Comic-Con ‘cast?

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