The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 23 – Punch, Pie(rates), Yard Sales, etc…

Hey everyone – welcome back to another episode of the Harmonix Community Podcast. This week we’ve got two extra special guests, Rachel Johnson and Mike Georgeson. They’re here to help us revive our Social! segment after it’s summer vacation. We’re talking about punch, pie, yardsales, and the phenomenal club history of our fair Cambridge.

You’ll also learn all about HMXDropslash’s DJ days and find out why Mr. Pope won’t let us go to Six Flag’s for a Community Outing. Oh – and we talk about next week’s DLC too! Following all the shenanigans we’ve got a great interview with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, a band that we got to meet at Warped Tour. Keep posted to the podcast for more band interviews, DLC news, and RB3 news as the summer continues.

  •   0:23 :: Social & DLC Roundtable
  • 22:20 :: Interview with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds
  • 26:12 :: Bye-Bye

Music Credits: “Ten Kingdoms” by Megasus

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