The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 24 – Ich Bin Ein HMXer

Hey everyone – we’re in the middle of a big stretch of summer travel gearing up for the release of Rock Band 3! HMXJohnD and I give you a quick wrap up of our adventures in Germany and all of the crazy goings on there. Next we give you a quick peek at some of the upcoming PAX madness. Finally we wrap everything up (sort of) with a DLC side line (since there were not enough of us for a roundtable). Listen in carefully for night life style commentary from HMXJessaBrez on the side. We’ll see all of you on the floor next week!

  •   0:24 :: Start of the Podcast – GamesCom wrap up
  • 21:05 :: A Look Ahead to PAX
  • 38:06 :: DLC Line Table & Wrapup

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Music Credits: “Miss Illusion” by Bang Camaro