The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 26 – You Asked & We Answered!

Well folks, Rock Band 3 is less than a month away and there’s still tons of awesome stuff to talk about! Can you handle the anticipation?

We’ve been getting tons of awesome emails, tweets, and forum comments about Rock Band 3. So we decided to devote a podcast to answering some of your lingering questions. We brought in the big guns, The Design Team, and HMXTronaut, to help us answer the most frequently asked questions (plus a few other gems) that you all sent us. After our Q&A session we’ve got the usual DLC roundtable with healthy measures of silliness and '80s pop culture. Be sure to listen and weigh in on the (non-Rock Band-related) debate we have at the end of the podcast.

Do you have follow up questions for Brian, Sylvain, or Jim? Let us know! Either leave a comment below, catch @RockBand or @HarmonixMusic on Twitter, or leave us a voicemail on Skype: HMX.Mailbox.

Music Credits: “Say No” by ‘Leb and M-Cue of Oxytocin Music

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The goal system was not awesome or super-fun.