The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 27 – The Anniversary Show

One year ago this week we launched our first ever Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast! Can you believe it? What a crazy year it’s been. To celebrate we’ve got a wild anniversary podcast full of very special guests, Harmonix history, insights into office culture, and Rock Band 3 info you won’t find anywhere else. Tons of great stuff here: drinks with Project Director Daniel Sussman and Audio Lead Jeff Allen, LEGO and website building with Fish and Abby, or random dictation and diet lessons from the Community Team. Check the time stamps below (brought back for old time’s sake) to find out what’s going on when.

As always send us your love, comments, and birthday wishes here, on Twitter (@RockBand), or via HMX.mailbox on Skype.

  • 0:18 :: Intro
  • 1:00 :: Drinks and An Inside Look at Audio In Rock Band 3
  • 11:35 :: So You Want to be a Web Developer? Get to Know Fish and Abby
  • 23:35 :: DLC Roundtable

Music Credits: “Hair Trigger” – The Acro-Brats, “Everything I Hate About Myself” – Death of the Cool (Look for both soon on the Rock Band Network)

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