The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 28 – REBOOT REMIX

Welcome to our latest episode of the Rock Band Podcast! This week is an extra special sensation for your ear buds, as it is the official REBOOT of our podcast. Previously myself and HMXThrasher would record/edit these ourselves, but the thing is, WE DON’T KNOW NUTTIN FROM AUDIO! So sound quality always could have been better. But all that will be a thing of the past as we’ve now got a dedicated professional Engineer from our Illustrious Audio Department to make these babies SING.

We’re also setting a new format for the podcast with this episode. From now on, no more disparate segments recorded separately, now we’re going roundtable style for the full running length, as is most popular in the world of podcasting. Conversations will ebb and flow naturally, and hopefully your fearful moderator (me!) will keep things moving along nicely.

This week we have two fantastic special guests to talk about Rock Band 3, and what led Harmonix to get to where it is today. Two veterans of the company, HMXHellion and HMXDfan sit down and shoot the stuff with us about Harmonix history, our previous game titles, and their less than savory beginnings before Harmonix saved their ever-loving souls. Joined as always by members of our Community team, this podcast will hopefully be the shining new beacon of our bi-weekly communiqué to you, our fans, on the eve of our latest venture, Rock Band 3! ENJOY!

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