The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 36 – The Blues

Keeping up with our ongoing podcast series focused on specific music genres and their roots, this week we've got the granddaddy of them all - The Blues. Almost every popular rock song in the past 60 years owes a huge debt to the thing known as The Blues, and along with Harmonix's human encyclopedia of music, Kurt Davis, we get to the bottom of why the blues is so important. It also lends a tad of relevance to this podcast, as it comes during Black History Month, and this music is a huge part of that legacy.

I also chat a little bit about Kurt's amazing retirement show with his band The Konks that just occurred here in Boston. Interesting stuff packed into this episode!

Please join in on the Blues discussion HERE on our forums!

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Music Credits

  • The Konks – "Honey" and "Move & Shake"

Podcast Credits

  • Audio Engineer: Nick Kallman
  • Guest Roster: Kurt Davis (Badass, Office Manager)
  • Host: Eric Pope (Community Manager)