The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 54 – Bustin' Moves & Ghosts

Podcastin’ makes me feel good!! We’re in my favorite time of year, dudes and dudettes- Autumn. With the Fall comes cool air, foliage, Halloween, pumpkin spice coffee, ghouls, apple cider donuts, and a BIG GAME RELEASE FROM HARMONIX!

That’s right, Dance Central 2 is NOW OUT INTERNATIONALLY, and will be out in the US on Oct 25th! We’ve gathered our always energetic choreographers to talk about the game with us on this episode. We also get deep into some spooky ghost stories! C’mere put this in your ears.

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Music Credits

  • A Wilhelm Scream – "Skid Rock"
  • SHIRO – "New Solution"

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: Frenchy Hernandez (Choreographer, Soon to be Momma Bear), Chanel Thompson (Choreographer, Human Firecracker), Annette Gonzalez (Beefin’ with the World), John Drake (Punchmaster General), Nick Chester (Frosh), Fish McGill (LEFT OUT!)
  • Host: Eric Pope (Community Manager)
  • Audio Engineer: Nick Kallman
  • Album art: Fish McGill