The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 57 – The Harmonix Interview: Alex Rigopulos & Eran Egozy

Special episode this week. We’ve got the podcast this week available in both video and audio formats for your enjoyment! Big names join us too, as our illustrious co-founders, Alex and Eran, sit down to talk about a broad range of topics, in relation to 4 years of the Rock Band franchise. Be sure to stay tuned for some really frank discussion about the nature of the game’s development and the fierce competition that came to define the era.

NOTE: both video and audio version contain the same content.

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Music Credits

  • The Irresponsibles - "Break Me
  • Ultra Saturday - "Little Sister"

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: Guest Roster: Alex Rigopulos (CEO, Tall Gent), Eran Egozy (CTO, First Chair Clarinetist), Aaron Trites (Crystal Enthusiast)
  • Host: Eric Pope (Community Manager)
  • Audio Engineer: Nick Kallman
  • Album art: Fish McGill


Great podcast, very informative.

Nice crotch shot Eran.