The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 58 – HMX Smokehouse & The Harmonix Interview: Robotkid

A smorgasbord of info about Rock Band, Dance Central & VidRhythm in this week's show! Buckle up for some silliness and home made HMXHenry sound effects as he channels Michael Winslow in the completely bonkers and absurd HMX Smokehouse. The discussion is followed by another installment of The Harmonix Interview series with Creative Director Josh Randall aka Robotkid in honor of 4 years of Rock Band.

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Music Credits

  • Powerman 5000 - "Show Me What You've Got"
  • The Blackout Argument - "Satisfying Angst"

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: Guest Roster: Josh Randall, John Drake, Nick Chester, Aaron Trites, Annette Gonzalez & Fish McGill
  • Host: Eric Pope (Community Manager)
  • Audio Engineer: Nick Kallman
  • Album art: Fish McGill