The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 76 – It’s It’s a Podcast Blitz

With the release of our newest game, Rock Band Blitz, (coming next week - 8/28 PSN, 8/29 XBLA) this podcast is spent chatting with the game’s Project Director Matthew Nordhaus. The crew gets deep into some Rock Band Blitz play strategies, as well as discussing in depth a lot of the finer points of the game’s mechanics, as well as our brand new Facebook companion app, Rock Band World. This is probably one of the most information-soaked episodes, so listen closely, you won’t want to miss anything!

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Music Credits

  • Christian Death - "Narcissus Metamorphosis Of"
  • Sifted - "All the Hated"

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: John Drake, Nick Chester, Christine Jandreau, Matthew Nordhaus
  • Host: Eric Pope
  • Audio Engineer: Nick Kallman
  • Album art: Fish McGill