The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 91 – The David Nguyen Pokécast

This week we have special guest David Nguyen on the show. David is the acclaimed Dance Central 3 credits pixel artist, an exceptional cosplayer & a valued Dance Central community member. We rap with David on making his amazing Glitch costumes for PAX, hear the story of how he got the gig as pixel artist for DC3, and spend a chunk of time discussing the history of Pokémon.

Today is also the first day of PAX EAST! Come visit us on the floor at the Microsoft booth and see some of the talks we are part of on Friday and Saturday. Check out the PAX East roundup for the full details.

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Music Credits

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: David Nguyen, Jessa Brezinski, Annette Gonzalez, Fish McGill
  • Host: Eric Pope
  • Audio Engineer: Joe Kelly
  • Album art: Fish McGill