The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 109 - Aaron Loves Fudge

As has begun to be an annual tradition for us on the podcast, for Thanksgiving, we decided to talk about all our favorite foods. Also, please pay attention to the new hit opening track to this episode: a tale of a boy and his love of fudge and cannolis. Happy Thanksgiving, America!

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Music Credits

  • Intro: Kevin MacLeod ft. Aaron Trites - Love Fudge
  • Outro: Jonathan Coulton - Good Morning Tuscon

Intro credits:

  • "Groove Grove" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: Annette Gonzalez, Aaron Trites, Nick Chester, Jessa Brezinski, Christine Kayser
  • Host: Eric Pope
  • Audio Engineer: Joe Kelly
  • Album Art: Fish McGill