Everybody Wants to Rock and Roll

Not a ton of Rock Blog style news today. A few meetings. More forum work than usual. So rather than dig deep for another meaningful and thought provoking look at the cultural impact of music I'm just going to post the most recently played songs on my iTunes.

There have been quite a few threads about '80s punk and hardcore lately, so that's pretty much all I was listening to today.

  • Antidote - Life As One
  • Bad Brains - Right Brigade
  • Misfits - Some Kind Of Hate
  • Dead Kennedys - Life Sentence
  • 7 Seconds - Young til I Die
  • Negative Approach - Can't Tell No One
  • Red C - Pressure's On
  • The Freeze - This Is Boston, Not LA
  • Fear - I Love Livin' In The City
  • DYS - Wolfpack

So that's it. It's not a pretty list of songs, but it gets the job done. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to catch a train home while listening to stuff that would make my 6th grade music teacher weep.