Everything Turns Gray

The New England weather has been in rare form lately, reaching scorching highs during the day and chilling lows at night. The skies will be crystal clear one minute, but then the next thing you know there's a bitter wind whipping horizontal rain right through your soul.

So this weekend I spent a good deal of time running outside to enjoy the warm weather, and then running back inside to take shelter from the forbidding storm clouds. The summer listening varied accordingly, swinging wildly from poppy and upbeat, to the sigh inducing soundtrack that one can only really appreciate on a rainy day.

The following selections make up most of my Sad Time Summer Storm listening.

  • Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • The Smiths - The Best Of the Smiths Vol. 2
  • Agent Orange - Living In Darkness
  • Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister

The Belle & Sebastian album may actually be my favorite rainy day listening. It's just peppy enough to avoid complete indoor depression, but it's more than worth it's weight in melancholy. Very bittersweet, but possessing more than a touch of the tounge-in-cheek lyricism found in Morrissey's stuff.

If you find yourself shut indoors on what should be a beautiful summer day, turn to the sleepytime indie pop of Belle & Sebastian and it may help make your gray time a little less awful.