Extra Life – Rocking Out For Sick Kids

Hello! My name’s Jon Brady, and I’m the UK Editor of where I write under the name Yamster (I’m a big fan of vegetables). Every year since 2008, Sarcastic Gamer has run a charity event called Extra Life. It’s a gaming marathon that we’re running in association with the Children’s Miracle Network as of 2010, with the general idea being that gamers get sponsored to play videogames for 24 straight hours. All of the money they raise go to their nearest Children’s Miracle Network hospital to help sick kids. In 2008 and 2009, Extra Life raised almost $300,000 which went directly to helping sick children.

Extra Life 2010 takes place on October 16th – really not that far away – and you’re probably wondering why this article’s even appearing on by ths point. Here’s the gist of it: I’ve taken part in Extra Life every year so far and 2010 will be no different. But playing videogames for 24 hours straight is so passé. 

I figured that singing in Rock Band would be a far better use of my time, and a cooler way of testing my mettle than sitting on my ass with a joypad in my hands.

On October 16th, I’ll be tormenting my delicate Scottish vocal chords in the name of charity, with all of the money going to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, directly helping sick kids. I’ll be joined by a delightful chap called Blair, who writes for gaming site TheSixthAxis – he’ll be strumming away merrily on a Hofner by my side for the whole day.

This is where I ask you to think about opening your wallet. Blair and I aren’t doing this purely for our own personal, wonderful masochistic habits or your entertainment (although the latter is guaranteed in the later hours. I’m going to be the first to say that singing for 24 hours straight is NOT going to be as easy as sitting on my backside with Nathan Drake was last year. We really need you guys to get behind me.

If you’ve got a few spare bucks here and there, I ask that you think about donating it to either myself or Blair for what is going to be a seriously tough 24 hour stint. We’re going to give it our all — and with my, erm, pretty sizeable DLC libary we have plenty to give — but we need some serious donations to spur us on through every long hour. My vocal chords need greasing more than anything else.

You can sponsor me at my  page and Blair can be sponsored at his page.

On October 16th at 8am UK time, we’ll be starting up our livestream [Note: livestream not live until 10/16 at 8am UK time] and engaging in 24 hours of straight Rock Band performance art, and we want you, the denizens of, to be there cheering for us as the day goes on. During the day, we might even do requests in exchange for a donation of a buck or two. Whether it’s now or on October the 16th, consider helping us out – rock and roll is one thing, but doing it for charity is officially 11x more awesome.

If you feel like getting involved at the last minute, you can find out more about Extra Life over at! Thanks for the support...keep on rocking.