Rock Band 3 Fender Squier Stratocaster Pro Guitar Controller Available Today!

The Rock Band 3 Fender Squier Stratocaster is now available for purchase!

The Fender Squier is a fully functional, full-sized, electric guitar with strings that also functions as a game controller for Rock Band 3’s innovative Pro mode gameplay! Watch the Squier in action in the video below.

Also available today are 11 Pro Guitar / Pro Bass upgrades for previously released DLC songs from Boston, Metallica, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more! Check out the full list here! And for a detailed look at how the Pro Guitar works, read Senior Designer Sylvain's walkthrough.

Get your Fender Squier Stratocaster Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Controller at


hope in harmonix and mad catz to sell in Eu. or otherwise, i become really angry! why? i want all the type of the guitar controller in the world!

is this even out in the uk yet??

Why are us Bass players seemed to be always forgotten?? Its all about guitar lately. Trying to play pro bass with a 6 string guitar is just stupid and lame I have the pro guitar and thats fine when I wanna play guitar but when I wanna play bass then I need a bass, come on now put out a pro bas for me to buy. THANKS

there's a guitar shop in Parkstone, Poole in Dorset that has one of these guitars still for sale. Not on their website but hanging on the wall.

any shop in eu

DRUMMERDOZ - I have also ordered mine from a Fender stockist, but when i spoke to them yesterday to see if it had arrived yet, they said the first shipment was due to land anyday now and the second was 3 weeks later, which I will probably get mine on. how can it be you got yours a month ago? does the shop have any more?

wont be geting this in April my ps3 broke down im geting it fixed though.

No Best Buy exclusive in Canada. I got one on Order from my local Fender dealer (Tom Lee) and they were about the same price that Best Buy is charging in the states. Still waiting for them to get it in though

We will never see these in canada unless we buy them from the states. And they are over priced, Starting at 450$ on ebay+shipping and import fees.

Wow, I would have totally bought this if i didn't have to drive 50 miles from my house to get it. And I don't have a credit card so i can buy this on eBay. I'm disappointed, next time you come out with something make sure it ships to all best buy stores and not just some.

That's awesome! Can some one explain to me then, why did I have to buy an adapter when it was published without one? Those buttons on the guitar don't do a thing. I hope that I can use them with the future games. I'm the biggest fan I love RB! I'm just asking...

For all commenting about not having the guitar available outside the US I suggest you contact your local fender dealer as I'm in Australia and ordered one through my local music store and done now I have my squier an it rocks

make a lefty

I have a lefty Strat, my left hand was crushed and I can't work the stings, but I can strum with my left hand. :)

Now Available seems to mean available in the U.S. for those who have a Best Buy that actually carries it. Way to dampen enthusiasm for your own products. I get the idea of favouring a select seller but I don't get the idea of purposely making your products UNAVAILABLE to many of us who would otherwise be buying RIGHT NOW.

yeah right like the midi adapter any pro guitar drums keyboard 2012 if your lucky

what is the name of the song?

what about us canadians for the pro guitar, I checked all the bestbuy stores and they are not offering the pro guitar, anybody know when we are going to be able to get it?

As I posted on March 2, I had pre-ordered the guitar and got an email saying it would be 2-3 weeks before one would ship. My wife was at Best Buy looking for something else and happened to walk buy one on the Guitars on a shelf. So she pick it up along with a Midi-adapter. So I canceled my pre-order. Now all is good. Now I will never pre-order from Best Buy again. Apparently pre-order means nothing to Best Buy. "--" Rock On! "--"

@NateCZzZebramandingo I didnt make any truss rod adjustments...not yet anyways. I was just trying to get it to work with the game so the only thing i did was lower the strings at the bridge. i just went through the beginning notes tutorial and plucked the strings, lowering them as needed until it was acceptable to me. I dont beleive this will affect the sound when plugging it into an says in the manual that string height is "mostly a matter of personal preference" It should also help with finger fatigue as you dont have to press ass hard on the strings. The pickup itself is also adjustable, up and has two small phillips screws on either side. again though i didnt mess with that "yet". probably will make more adjustments when I actually plug it into an amp to adjust actual sound.

my preordered squires say "backordered" but i was extremely lucky and scored one a week early i went into best buy and there was one in there, none of the employees had any clue what it was and i was able to purchase it along with another midi adapter so i can use this or a friend can use it along with my yamaha dtxplorer ekit for prodrums, kinda bummed about having to wait for the several preordered ones but I'd be putting somthing else in place of kinda bummed if i hadnt scored the one i have early... @jmartin95 did you do a truss rod adjustment or just lower the bridge saddles? I indeed have to pick hard as hell, been using my mustangs to maintain score rank, would love to be making high score runs on my squire....

When, if at all, will this be available outside of the US? Why is it restricted to the US? I don't see the element of tactic in this decision, unless it is to tick off worldwide fans of the series. can restring it for left handed and just choose the lefty setting in the game

can i restring and play this lefty?

wow... not available in Canada nor does Best Buy ship to Canada. AWESOME! eh? wait.... wrong word... LAME!!!!! this is also coming from someone who's spent $200 in DLC in the last 2 months as well...

Received the MIDI adapter a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying playing using a real MIDI keyboard. My daughter likes the game mode, I like Pro. Great stuff!! Then even better, the guitar arrived a couple days ago. I'm an amateur guitar hack, but I learned "The Hardest Button to Button" on Guitar Pro Expert and got 3 stars. Nothing like playing Rock Band with a real guitar!! Thanks, Harmonix!! Worth the wait!!

Well...I honestly feel sorry for the people that preordered and havent gotten theirs yet. Very poorly handled and i agree completely with the grumbles. I however did get mine yesterday...preordered since Dec 15th and I have to say even if you are upset with best buy or madcatz or whoever...its going to be worth it. I played with mine for only 2-3 hours going through the tutorial and after making some adjustments on the bridge to lower the strings closer to the pickup (because if you dont you'll probably notice you have to pick the strings extrememly hard) it works flawlessly. I actually went through the madcatz online store for my midi adapter and although i have seen where they are out of stock occasionally...the last time i checked they had them in stock. only thing i dont like, but that isnt a deal buster, is that xbox owners can't use the control buttons on the guitar for selection. ps3 and wii can, but there is a very specific notice that says basically that because MS doesnt want to share information about their controller programming you HAVE to use the madcatz for all game selecting. oh well...the wait and money for me were well worth it

Got the guitar I pre-ordered on Jan 1 today! It's been a LONG wait since the game came out but so far I dig it. Compared it to my brother's Strat and this is about half the weight of the real thing. Still, for a video game accessory that doubles as an actual musical instrument it's not bad. Hooked it up to an amp and was pretty impressed with how it sounded. Still, the delivery of the instruments and the MIDI adapter has been an absolute fiasco. I pre-ordered the MIDI adapter when the game came out last year and only got it a couple weeks ago. That was a much larger frustration for me than waiting for this guitar to be released. The MIDI had delay after delay after delay after delay. Finally got it and had to go buy a MIDI cable to connect my keyboard to it, then had to use colored duct tape to know what keys mapped to what in the game. They couldn't have included stickers and instructions for that? I'm afraid that Harmonix seriously damaged their reputation with that huge delay. Without them the only improvement over RB2 was the pro drums. Nearly six months to deliver on what the game promised is pretty inexcusable. Hopefully they have learned lessons!

Mine arrived yesterday. After a frenzy to find the Midi adapter (whew, got the last one at the 4th Fry's I called), I was able to play. After being able to wiz through songs nearly flawlessly on Expert, it is now a struggle to simply get through a song on Easy. Still, it is an unbelievable feeling to be playing Rockband with a REAL guitar! They should have handled the communication better, but it will be worth your wait. BTW, in addition to the Midi adapter, you might want to pick up a guitar pick while waiting for your guitar - it is easier (for me) than plucking the strings with my fingers. Rock on!

Glad I did not pre-order .. as much as I would like to get one the total costs are way too much for me .. $280 for guitar another $40 for an adapter that should COME WITH IT. and all the MS points I would need to upgrade songs to Pro. Why on earth is the midi adapter not included??? So you buy a REAL guitar for a video game that was primarily meant to be used on a video game and it does not include the adapter to use it on the video game ... talk about porking your LOYAL cuctomers. I have lost ALL faith in this franchise. Next game series to be discontinued ... Rock Band.

I am so horribly disappointed in you, Harmonix. This is so horribly deceptive. I preordered and requested overnight shipping for this item and it went backorder after March 1st. I called up Best Buy and they told me that it could take up to another 30 days to receive one in their warehouse. But I got the overnighted Midi-Pro Adapter. For what? You better get a better PR team, and fast.

I really hope you guys are paying attention. I was one of the lucky ones who actually got my pre-order. So now I've got this great guitar but I can't play Rock Band with it because the PS3 MIDI adapter is impossible to get your hands on. It would have been nice to know, when I bought the guitar that I needed said adapter. Really disappointed in how this was handled.

You have got to be kidding me!!! People are walking into Best Buy Stores and walking out with a Rock Band 3 guitar... that is BS of the highest order! I pre-ordered TWO of these guitars! One on January 15 and the other on February 2 only to be told they are on backorder and it will be 2-3 weeks before they ship. And I have to hear about others buying them in the store and playing now... shame on you Harmonix and on Best Buy! I am very disappointed...

How much does it cost

The press release probably shouldn't say available in stores now... I mean, it was for a few minutes yesterday, and if you pre-ordered after January 4, you aren't going to get your guitar for a while... Maybe, more like released to the public in limited shipments would be more accurate. I'm so excited to get one of these guitars (someday if they fulfill my pre-order), and really hope Fender will continue to make improvements to this guitar and hopefully release a bass soon. However, it's honestly such a disappointing release though, given the way Fender and Best Buy have screwed up from a logistics/production point of view. And it doesn't help Harmonix's image, since they have the biggest stake in this release and their two partners don't really seem to care very much because it's not in either of their core product strategies.

Ya, got mine TODAY!!! It shipped Monday, UPS kept telling me I wasn't going to get it until the following Monday, and yet I got home from work Today (Wednesday) and there it was!!! Can't wait to try it out after I eat and finish my e-mail. I won't really have a change to play until Friday. A REAL Full size Guitar now instead of a Plastic 5 button toy after all these years. With Guitar hero no longer around, I Hope for great things with Rock Band. Always leading since the first Rock Band, and still doing so with the Keyboard and these Pro Modes!!!

WTF!! I pre-ordered guitar on 1/8/11 and got an email saying my order is BACK-ORDERED??? Seriously!? I called best buy and they were no help. What is the point of pre-ordering if you are going to be the last one to get one?

Love it how people from out of the US are completely ignored.

I am in the same boat Machenergy. This really sucks... I called Best Buy customer service twice just to make sure. It makes me sad to find out that people who did not pre-order were able to get one. Once again Best Buy makes me feel like a number and not a person.

I just preordered one in Germany at Musikhaus Thomann They say it will be available at the end of April 2011. Can't wait!

This is great, but too bad my pre-order meant nothing and it's backordered.

Wait a minute... Where's the whammy bar? How will I build Overdrive without a whammy bar?!

Any chance at all of ever seeing one of these In Australia?

When will the guitar be available in other countries? I live in France and I bought rockband 3 because of this guitar. I hope I'll get it very soon...

I so badly want this guitar, but the Best Buy exclusivity is making that such a chore. I preordered it months ago, and Best Buy gladly took my money at the time. Today, my order status is "backordered" with an estimated shipment time of 2-3 weeks from now. I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer if it weren't for the fact that Best Buy stores are getting product and it's being put out for general sale. They aren't supplying their preorders but they are supplying their B&M stores?? I'm extremely disappointed. Combined with the late release date of the guitar and the impossible to find Mad Catz MIDI adapter, and this entire fiasco has really gotten to me. Congrats on the release! I just wish I could get one for myself :