Fender Squier Stratocaster Real Guitar for Rock Band 3

As you might have heard, Rock Band™ 3 brings the opportunity to enter the world of real musicianship to the music gaming world with its revolutionary Pro Mode. Harmonix has partnered with Fender to provide an amazing new guitar peripheral for this exciting feature. The Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster is a fully functional, full-sized, six-string electric guitar that also functions as a game controller.

The Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster uses technology built into the neck and fingerboard of the guitar to track finger positions in real time. The guitar also transmits strum data for the six individual strings, allowing the game to give feedback to players as they make the leap from rhythm game rocking to real world skills. 

You can play Rock Band 3's Pro Mode with this guitar, then turn around and plug it into a real amp to rock out loud. For all those gamers who want to learn to play a real guitar after playing hours of Rock Band, now you can do both. 

Additional information about the Fender Squier Stratocaster will be released in the coming months. For all your Rock Band 3 news, including more details about Pro Mode and the peripherals, stay tuned to's Rock Band 3 News page.


Can we have one of these but LEFT handed??

i have a BC Rich and im wonderin if i hav to buy a rock band 3 pro guitar or if there is any way i can use my BC Rich to play?

Dick-Dean: I'm doing pretty good with this instrument. There is a very intuitive interface for learning how to read the music, and there is NO comparison between Medium/Hard on the 5 button guitar and this guitar. That said, you can ease into it without much issue. I'm using this guitar and the songs in RB3 to prepare myself to launch and play in a band. I'm blogging it here, check it out! I'm happy to offer assistance if you need it! peace! B

So I was wondering if anyone knew how this guitar will work out for someone who plays normal rockband on medium, has never played a real instrument and doesn't know how to read music. I know that you don't have to read music for RB3. I just want to get across that I have no musical abilities at all.

Hey guynamedsteve, if they were to make something to adapt to your real guitar, then you would have all this crazy hardware and wires that are connnected and maybe even taped to your guitar. So they made a guitar that has all those sensors in it so you dont have to fool with a mess of crap that most likely would cost more and be more of a hassle then just buying the RB3 specific guitar. Way to go Rockbrand. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar and I always wished that one day you guys would come out with a way to game and learn for REAL.

Late to this conversation, but what else is new... TennisPlaya4, I assume you would just be able to restring it for your being a lefty and then select that option in-game. Sure, you have an upside down headstock and the controls on the body are at the top, but I don't see them making left-handed versions. I also find it blasphemous that this guitar would work for the bass. I just pray they figure out a good solution to that problem. I know many of those songs are played with 5 and even 6 string basses... I can't see that as a viable option, and if pro mode plays things note for note, I'm going to be very unhappy having to play bass on a guitar. This has potential... if they don't screw it up.

.....this thing looks awesome....can't wait to get one and the price really isn't that bad either for what you get even if I DO need to get the midi adapter with it.

Why can't you make an adapter that will work for the real guitars we ALREADY HAVE instead of making us buy ANOTHER one that costs more than what I paid for my one now and the $40 adapter? I mean we already have a real guitar. Why not make an adapter that will work for those?

Three things... -First, I disagree with Brian_Fin, because by the time this guitar comes out, RB3 will probably have downloadable content to make more of their songs compatible with the pro mode as well as new songs that will already be compatible with the pro mode. -Second, this guitar is apparently going to cost at least $250 Brian_Fin, so you probably wont even consider buying this guitar if you're compaining about the $40 adapter for it. -Third, I'm very interested in getting this guitar, but I am a lefty and haven't heard anything about a lefty version of this guitar. If anyone knows about this, please comment.

I was planning on getting this until I found out that it only works for pro mode. In other words, YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THIS FOR 4% OF THE SONGS in the ENTIRE Rock Band catalog. Not even, it's just under 4%. Not only that, you have to buy an adapter just to plug the thing in to use it. Yea, that's cool.

...Harmonix PR guru, John Drake, told X360A that “The Fender Squier is coming out in 2011... “We’re hoping to keep it as early 2011 as possible, but it’s sort of complicated,” he continued, “It’ll be worldwide in 2011; we’re hoping to sim-ship as close to sim as possible. The quantities will be very limited at launch, because it’s close enough to a specialty item almost.” The console agnostic guitar is said to be “more expensive than the [Mad Catz] Mustang” and is “based on a $250 body, so it’ll be more than that” said Drake. ...“You will still need a MIDI pro adapter,” he reminded us – which will costs £39.99 and be available before Christmas. --- Wow. So you can choose: Wait several months to be the last person who starts to play RB3 pro, or buy the plastic version now and another guitar later. Annoying? Expensive?

seriously? i wanna know when this guitar is coming out. i'm tired of all of the fake guitars. i was so excited to get rock band 3 so i could play the REAL guitar. not that stupid mustang...even that got delayed. had so much time to get this straight...did you tnot think that the guitar would be the most in demand. the keyboard honestly isn't that can only play half the songs and some of those have like 10 notes. get you stuff together.

Check out: for some more info

I've got to agree with at least part of what Drumgodtravis said. Besides the fact that it's been announced there's been no other concrete information dropped about this instrument and I think I speak for all the other guitar hopefuls out there when I say that this instrument is the one we're waiting for and as a dedicated fanbase, we deserve some info. I have no plans to buy the Madcatz controller and I really don't want to wait forever to find out what the deal is with this. At this rate, I'm never going to get to play Pro mode.

Rock band 3 is out, so give us something, a release date, or at least what month, I've already had trouble out of the new drums by mad catz, so I'm not buying their guitar. My old drums still worked, even had the old cymbals, but they were wore out, pads kept coming off, so I bought the new ones, it took me 2 weeks to get them to send me a new set, and it's still has yet to arrive, they have horrible customer service. So I want the real guitar and I want it now!!!