First Anniversary of the Rock Band Network Music Store!

A year ago, we launched the Rock Band Network Store - a place where Rock Band fans and music lovers alike could discover new music and play it in their favorite music game. Since its launch, the store has added over a thousand songs from over 500 bands to the Rock Band platform.

We’ve added new genres: classical, hip hop, a capella, funk, and novelty, just to name a few. We’ve had little bands and big bands, instrumental bands and a capella bands, bands from thirty years ago and last month. RBN songs feature a variety of instrumentations, from the standard four Rock Band instruments, to classical arrangements, to French horn, to vuvuzela. We recently launched RBN 2.0 – a new way of authoring songs that allows bands to include the Rock Band 3-specific instruments: keys, Pro Keys, Pro Drums, and vocal harmonies. Songs with RBN 2.0 features will start being added to the Rock Band Music Store in a few weeks.

RBN artists have inspired each other and collaborated in new ways as they created their own music community. Songs were recorded by members of the community that met through the Creators website and released on RBN. Some artists have re-recorded their songs when the originals were unavailable for authoring. We even had a giant RBN Megamix released featuring samples of a dozen RBN songs as a single Rock Band experience.

After all that, we thought it was time for a look back at the past year. For the entire month of March, we’ll be celebrating the Rock Band Network’s first anniversary. You’ll see stories and interviews with RBN artists, authoring groups, and labels, as well as the Harmonix people that make the RBN run behind the scenes.

  • Learn more about the artists in the Rock Band Network – how they got here and why they chose to participate in RBN.
  • Hear from the authors that turn your favorite tracks into gameplay – find out their favorite part of authoring and how they landed the bands they author for.
  • Get behind-the-scenes info on the RBN folks at Harmonix and what it takes to launch an in-game music store open to all artists for distribution.

Thanks for a great year! We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have. We're looking forward to more great music coming to Rock Band!


why cant boston album be redone like smoken getting rid of guitar solo and add organ solo

Sweet can't wait to play RBN songs on the keys :D

Epiiiiiic. I've been waiting for PRO songs to be released on RBN forever...I hope they go back and add PRO features to peviously released RBN songs...