Four Decades of DLC: Guess Who to Dino Jr. to Tenacious D

You can’t love big, snarling guitar solos and not be a fan of J Mascis, the surly genius who leads Dinosaur Jr. Expect lots of six-string fireworks on the two Dino Jr. tracks that launch this week, from two phases of their career. “The Wagon” is from 1994, when Dino Jr. was basically two people - Mascis and drummer Murph - and really loud rock was just about to come back into style. “Pick Me Up” finds them re-formed but not reformed, on the first of two albums they made since getting the original lineup (with bassist Lou Barlow) back in recent years. Soon after this track was recorded, Mascis visited our office and scored 92% playing “Blitzkrieg Bop” on Expert drums. Check out the interview we did with him back then.

By now you’re probably ready to raise your fist, hoist your lighters and pledge yourself to the glory that is rock…and who better to lead you there than Tenacious D? “Tribute” and “Rock Your Socks” find our heroes respectively doing a big power ballad about big power ballads and the soft-to-loud grunge outburst to end all soft-to-loud grunge outbursts. By the way, if you really needed one more Dave Grohl appearance on Rock Band - and go on, we know you did - he’s the drummer on these tracks.

Meanwhile, back in the days of great AM radio: The first world-class Canadian rock band, The Guess Who ruled the charts for a few years in the late '60s/early '70s. This week’s two numbers were respectively the hits that came just before and after “American Woman.” “No Time” is so catchy it hurts, with cool harmonies and a killer guitar solo by Randy Bachman - yes, the man who went into “overdrive” with his next band. From 1970, “Hand Me Down World” was the first hit single that followed Bachman’s departure from the band - lead singer Burton Cummings was of course still aboard - and was a rather whacked-out stab at a protest song. If you can figure what that “fuzzy wuzzy loving cup explosion” is supposed to mean, please contact us.


i got the new rock your socks off track and it isnt working when is rthis going to be fixed