Three Fratellis Hits Come to Rock Band


If the words “Costello Music” make you think of that guy with the hornrim glasses who sang “Pump It Up,” then we’re sorry to say you’re a little out of touch. It was also the title of the first album by Scottish pop sensations the Fratellis, which endeared them right away to all the Brit-pop obsessives we know (The album title doesn’t reference Elvis, but a favorite studio in Glasgow).

But you probably know one song in our three-pack even if you’ve never heard of the band: “Flathead” was on a TV commercial two years ago—you know, that commercial for that little MP3-player device in your pocket—so we’re betting that its singalong hook had lodged into your brain by now.

The three most killer cuts from that debut album can all be found in this week’s package: “Henrietta” and “Creepin’ Up the Backstairs” find the band in a slightly harder mood, full of quick-fire rhythms and cheeky British humor. The band now has a second album out, and moved up from clubs to theaters on its most recent tour. And while we still love our classic rock and our metal, this week’s three-pack is especially for those of you who prefer giddy hooks, youthful exuberance and “Ba-dah bap, da-dah!”