Play Rock Band 3 with RBN Artist of the Month Evile!

Get your chance to play Rock Band 3 with this month's RBN Artist of the Month, Evile in Xbox LIVE's Game with Fame!

Hailing from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK, Evile set out to generate a sound that would fill a void within the metal world. Railing against the dominance of morose emo bands and no-fun shoegazers currently populating the metal scene, the band looked instead to the classics of the thrash genre for their influence.

Evile's guitarist Ol Drake has authored their entire album Infected Nations for play in Rock Band, and now he's going to challenge the fans for a night of gaming. Sign on to Xbox LIVE from 5PM to 8PM EST on Thursday, February 17th 2011 to get your chance to play with Ol.

Ol will be playing with the Gamertag EvileOlDrake. Send him an invite to play and get your chance to Game With Fame!

For more information on Evile and Ol Drake, read our interview with Ol!


I played with him! He's a really cool dude. We played Ride the Lightning by Metalica and we were both walking a narrow tightrope but we made it across safely. Thank heavens no fail mode was on.

I've got all the Evile songs too, so I think I got a good chance at doing this.