Getting Back on the Horse

I finally got stuff done this weekend! Inspired by a screening of a movie I was in that was shown at a theater in Somerville I managed to sit down at the trusty Mac Pro and type out a fairly ok first draft a new short film series I want to do with a longtime collaborator of mine. The funny thing is this - I haven't written anything performable in about two years, and the last thing was a fake stand up act that goes very wrong and manages to have no punchlines (not any good ones at any rate).

So I sat down at the computer and banged out a few pages and I am actually pretty proud of it. I think we are going to try and film this Spring and submit to either or (functionally the same thing). it actually feels pretty good. Truth be told I am often terrified of writing. It is so boring. I would much rather have an idea, hand it off to someone, have them send a first draft back to me, and then edit it from there. What can I say?

The best part is I actually have a few more ideas I want to get down that I think could be pretty funny. And now that I have finished one I feel a little less intimidated by doing another.

It also looks like I will be acting in one of the films at the 48 Hour Film Festival for a talented director duo who did my favorite film at the Sundeis Film Festival. I'm stoked. Since being in video games I have drastically cut back on acting and writing (I hate directing), so it is kind of cool to do a little bit on the side.