Green Day: Rock Band Concept Art

It's here! Green Day: Rock Band is now available! HMXillustrashawn sat down with us to talk about some of the concept work he did for the game.

Green Day: Rock Band was an opportunity for the Harmonx art team to recreate a full band's likeness just like in The Beatles: Rock Band. The Harmonix art team explored Green Day's evolving look in the Dookie '90s & American Idiot '00s working in a grittier style than in previous projects. Here we see a full page of concept explorations by HMXillustrashawn fleshing out early details of the different busts for Tré, Billie Jo & Mike. 

HMXillustrashawn's early concept sketches for Green Day: Rock Band

The tattoos on Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt’s arms were redrawn by Shawn from a set of photos taken back stage. Shawn redrew the tattoos by hand on the avatars arms’, carefully rendering the designs to mimic the real life versions.

Billie Joe singing on stage in Green Day: Rock Band

HMXillustrashawn's redrawn tattoos for Billie Joe in Green Day: Rock Band

If these look odd and a bit warped to you, that is on purpose. To ensure that the tattoos appear accurately on the characters’ bodies as they perform, Shawn drew them in a slightly warped style. You’ll notice, as you progress through Green Day’s career, that this mimics the way ink stretches and moves on skin. See for yourself as you make your way through Green Day's career in the 47 different tracks on disc.

Mike Dirnt performing on stage in Green Day: Rock Band

More of HMXillustrashawn's tattoo work in Green Day: Rock Band

Green Day: Rock Band is in stores now! For more information please visit