Harmonix Announces the Latest Rock Band Title: Rock Band Board Game!

We know you've been on the edge of your yoga ball/standing desk to see what mind blowing game Harmonix is going to make next. Well friends, that wait is OVER! Feast your eyes and ears on this EXCLUSIVE commercial for our upcoming game!

Download the board and play at home!

Written/Directed by Eric Pope
Edited by Matt Kristek
Actors: John Drake, Jessa Brezinski, Aaron Trites, Sean Baptiste, Nick Chester


xD I thought this was legit and i said woooooooooooooooowww ...then i see the pic :l xD best time ever

"Stage Kit compatibility to be determined" That killed me. Nearly fell off my chair laughing!

Well that is a fairly substantial creative redirection of the franchise. ;)

Oh, you!

LOL...Happy April Fools day! I'll take Green Day Gardens and Beatles Blvd. people always land on those squares :)