Total Rock, Total Rewards Finalist Videos: Las Vegas

So you want to earn the glory in our nationwide, Harrah’s-sponsored Rock Band competition? Hate to break the news, but you’re up against some real pros. The first semi-finalist videos bear out the level of sheer rock-god-ness that’s been on display: In Vegas, you’ll meet a band whose singer looks a bit like Jon Bon Jovi, but may have an ever cooler fringe jacket. And you may even learn the difference between a “fake real band” and a “real fake band.” So get yourself into the mix, but remember that the big prizes-- $10,000 and an opening gig for the B-52’s—don’t come easy.


Congratulations to the Wild Card Sweepstakes Winning Band, Delicious! They won a trip to Vegas and a spot in the Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band Regional Competition. They represented well coming in 2nd!

Delicious Vegas Experience

I went my whole life without having won any drawing of any kind. So I didn't figure that anything would be different when I entered the Harrah's Total Rock Total Rewards sweepstakes. Except that a few weeks later a representative from MTV Games called me to say that I had won the grand prize, which consisted of a trip to Las Vegas and a spot in the Western Regional Finals for me and my entire band which consisted of my friends Jeremiah on the drums and Billy on the bass, my wife Ruby is our amazing and talented front woman on the vocals and myself on the guitar.

We didn't know what to expect so you can imagine how glad we were when a limousine came and picked us up at the airport as soon as we landed. We felt like real rock stars. The hotel accommodations only increased that feeling when we were given a luxury suite complete with bar and HDTV's.  We had to get up early the next morning to give a television interview with the local news.

We got to hang out with Sway Callaway from MTV News and Sean Baptiste also known as HMXSean. It was just a great day! By the time the competition started, we had changed into our awesome costumes, (which, by the way, according to the judges were the best of any band there), we were ready to hit the stage. Then Sway called up our band, Delicious! We really felt like rock stars when the crowd was cheering us on loudly. We got an unlucky draw on the first song with Flirtin with Disaster, but we were able to really rock the crowd anyway.

The rocking only increased for our 2nd song, when we played Go Your Own Way,  it was incredible! In the end we did great and the judges and the crowd loved us! We didn't score as much as we should have in game points but we were still able to get 2nd place overall! Not bad for a lowly wild card entry. Our rock star experience became even more real when we tried to leave the stage area and tons of people were coming up to us to congratulate and take cell phone pictures with us! Overall, this has been one of the greatest experiences in my whole life and I'm so glad we all got to enjoy it. Thanks for everything, you guys really treated us well!

-Ruby & Jean-Pierre of Delicious

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