Harmonix Panels at PAX East

Coming to PAX East in Boston? Check out this list of PAX East 2010 Panels featuring Harmonix developers and community members. PAX east runs March 26th - March 28th. For more information, visit You can also scope out the floor map - don't forget to visit the Rock Band Lounge on the first floor! The Rock Band Lounge will be giving away tons of cool swag as part of a raffle for Child's Play, so be sure to stop by and buy a ticket for $1! And if it's your first time in Boston, check out HMXThrasher's Unofficial Guide to Boston.

Journalists vs. Developers: The Ultimate Grudge Match
Manticore Theatre
Friday, 2:00pm

Game developers can't stand those damned journalists, the way they pick apart your three years of hard work with a review they wrote in an afternoon. And journalists don't understand why game developers won't listen to all of their great ideas! What happens when we force some of the industry's most opinionated writers and developers to hash out their issues in front of an audience? Will they finally see eye-to-eye, or kill each other in public? Watch as writers Chris Kohler ( and Patrick Klepek (G4) square off against game creators John Drake (Harmonix) and another guest from the industry.

Panelists Include: Chris Kohler [Editor, Games,], John Drake [Publicist, Harmonix Music Systems], Patrick Klepek [News Editor, G4]


An Awkward Hour with Rock Band Designers
Manticore Theatre
Sunday, 10:00am

Have you ever wished to be locked in a room with the design team behind the Rock Band games and ask them anything? Well, now's your chance! Armed solely with a laptop filled with behind the scenes movies and embarrassing pictures, the team of designers behind the Rock Band games will answer your questions and reveal some of the reasons for why they made things in various ways.

Panelists Include: Dan Teasdale [Lead Designer, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc], Sylvain Dubrofsky [Senior Designer, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc], Brian Chan [Senior Designer, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc], Casey Malone [Designer, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc]


Community Managers: More than Forum Monkeys
Naga Theatre
Sunday, 10:00am

Thick skins, soft hearts, and strong personalities are just a few of the stats that make a great community manager. But what does a community manager actually do? Where did the community management field begin, and where is it headed? How can you get your start as a CM? This panel of community managers will help to answer these questions and more!

Panelists Include: Meghan Rodberg [Senior Community Manager, Turbine, Inc.], Aaron Trites [Associate Community Manager, Harmonix], Morgan Romine [Frag Doll Manager and Anthropology PhD Candidate], Jess Folsom [Community Team, Bioware Austin], Linda Carlson [Senior Community Manager, Sony Online Entertainment]


Forcing Your Way In & Coming Out On Top: The Game Industry in Rainbow Color
Wyvern Theatre
Sunday, 1:30pm

Many of the friends and writers of the community are a mixture of people that work or have worked in various fields within the gaming industry from big-time producers to lowly QA grunts. We're back again, with our east coast crew to impart our wisdom of what the industry is like for anyone trying to get a foot in the door as well as what it can be like for someone doesn't quite fit the status quo. Flynn DeMarco, Chris Schroyer, David Edison, and Helen McWilliams will divulge how we made it into programming, production, marketing, and media, impart war stories we've collected from the trenches, discuss the multitude of issues that can arise in the ever expanding ecosystem that is the game industry, and show how the game industry is growing with everyone in mind and in action.

Panelists Include: Flynn DeMarco [Editor,], Chip Smith [Writer,], Chris Schroyer [Producer, n-Space], Helen McWilliams [Producer, Harmonix], David Edison [Editor,]


Sequelitis Snake Oil: Quack Medicine for the Video Game Industry
Manticore Theatre
Sunday, 4:00pm

Why do passionate gamers treat the word "sequel" as a pejorative while often bestowing their highest praise upon those very same sequels? This panel will seek to diagnose the video game industry's purported "sequelitis" and – by way of discussion from thoughtful panelists, including Irrational Games' Ken Levine; Harmonix's Dan Teasdale; Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann; and moderator Chris Grant, from Joystiq – debunk the quack medicine that's identified video game sequels to be symptomatic of the industry's creative bankruptcy.
Panelists Include: Christopher Grant [Editor-in-Chief, Joystiq], Ken Levine [Creative Director, Irrational Games], Chris Avellone [Creative Director, Obsidian Entertainment], Dan Teasdale [Senior Designer, Harmonix], Jeff Gerstmann [Co-founder, Giant Bomb]