Harmonix Holiday Livestreamaganza! Playing Rock Band & Dance Central to Raise Money for Child's Play!

At 5pm EST today, Harmonix will be hosting their first annual Holiday Livestreamaganza, featuring interviews with Harmonix devs, designers, choreographers & more about Rock Band, Dance Central, VidRhythm, & more. We'll also be giving away DLC codes, announcing new artists, and showing off some new social features for our games. We're doing this all to raise money for Child's Play Charity. Hit the donate button below to contribute!

The stream below will be live at 5pm EST and the livestream will run until 8pm EST.


Donate $25.00

Donate $50.00

Donate $100.00

  • We will be giving away up to 100 Xbox 360® codes, 50 PlayStation®3 codes and 100 codes for Dance Central downloadable content (DLC) packs during the Livestream
  • Each Xbox 360 code is redeemable for 160 Microsoft points, each PlayStation® 3 code is redeemable for a $2.00 credit on the PlayStation Network, and each Dance Central DLC code is redeemable for one Dance Central DLC pack
  • Codes will be distributed in one or more of the following ways: posted in the Livestream chatroom, shown live or read aloud on camera, posted on the @RockBand and @Dance_Central Twitter feeds or posted on or, as applicable.
  • All codes are good for one-time use only – the first user to redeem a code will receive the points, credit or DLC, as applicable.
  • An Xbox LIVE® account or PlayStation Network account, as applicable, and internet access are required to redeem the codes.


how can i play rockband3 online on the pc

Should we expect anything from Harmonix at CES or E3 this year?

Perform Dune Buggy by The Presidents of the USA! Been really into that song lately.

Woo 2112 confirmed.


I know it'll never happen, but I would love for Rock Band to get some Brand New. Sowing Season (Yeah) was THE reason I bought GH5. A guy can dream.

Great way to start off the livestream.

Oh hey, there we go

So HMX, what's this access code we need? But yea, I'm seeing nothing as well.

I dont see it

I see a black screen. Hit play, nothing.

I'm not seeing anything

does anybody see it live?

Come on "Mr. Roboto!"

Gotta play rock'n me and HTML Rulez Dood

just got an email saying they went live but when i click on the link it wants a code to watch

Henry said his new most wanted song for Rock Band would be announced today and he used the word "artists" so there will be more than one dlc announcement. Can't wait!

hmm i refreshed and now im in a different place???

is the codes US only?

Can't wait to see what they got in store for us!

woo woo im here first!