HMX PAX Showcase: Death of the Cool

Death of the Cool is one of the more unique bands consisting of all Harmonixers. They’ve taken the '90s synth-rock sound from bands like Orgy and Nine Inch Nails and added their own personal touch,  creating a sound that’s all their own.

Instead of dousing themselves in baby powder on stage this time, the foursome arrived in pre-powdered clothes as not to set off any smoke alarms or piss off The Middle East.  They opened with my personal favorite, “Everything I Hate About Myself” and closed with a delightfully dark and twisted cover of “Hey” from Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives (also a Harmonix band). The audience was riddled with gamer nerds fresh out of PAX who seemed to enjoy hearing “Can’t Let Go,” which can be found on the original Rock Band track listing.

The crowd was in full force and energized throughout their whole set, which is rare for an opening band. Backed by Jeff Allen on drums, Geoff Pitsch on guitar, and Pete Maguire on synth, frontman Izzy Maxwell has a great stage presence and does a awesome job of getting everyone pumped.  It was the perfect way to open the show!

Picture credit: HMXLushLife. For more pictures from the show, visit HMXLushLife's Flickr set

Listen to the rest of Death of the Cool's set below or click here to download an mp3 of it.


Check out Death of the Cool on MySpace, or follow them on Twitter @dotcmusic for news, tour dates, and more.

To celebrate videogame conference PAX East's inaugural appearance in Boston, Harmonix hosted an all-Harmonix-bands showcase, with all proceeds going to Child's Play, a charity grown and nurtured from the game culture and industry. If you'd like more information on Child's Play, visit their official site at