Welcome to a new series giving you a glimpse at what Rock Band Network songs Harmonixers are downloading each week. We'll bring you a list of HMXers' favorite RBN picks for the week and why you should download the demo and see for yourself.

HMXMisterGame, RBN Senior Producer

Furly - "Icarus’ Song" - The first day of open beta this song appeared out of nowhere. Working on his own without the benefit of Harmonix or the other closed beta members, TheRockWhisperer created this song, and uploaded it to the site. I remember downloading it, and being blown away by how good it sounded and how well it played. 

The Slip - "Even Rats" - This one was done very early in the closed beta, back when I was able to watch every version of every song. I just like the groove and the whimsical, jammy tone of the song.

Gandhi - "Arigato" - This is the first all Spanish language song to make it through the RBN pipeline. Because of all the issues we had during development, and because it was a test case that kept breaking things, the fact that it’s available now makes me feel like it’s my little kid…kinda proud and a little protective.

And it also rocks hard.

Jonathan Coulton - "Creepy Doll" – It has a glockenspiel charted to guitar. Enough said.

HMXBinThrDunTht, RBN Executive Producer

Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies (Live)" & "Requiem for a Dying Song" - When I first started thinking about awesome bands for RBN, Flogging Molly was one of the first to come to mind. I booked their first residency in Boston at Bill's Bar and have loved the band since that first show. They are amazing live and exemplify what it means to be a true indie band. they have worked hard, grown their fan base and now have a chance to find more fans in the Rock Band universe. The songs are infectious, fun and will stick in your head for days after playing them!

Steve Vai - "Get the Hell Out of Here" - Steve is an amazing guitarist and it was great to help him find a path into the game. His songs are challenging for a guy like me who plays on Medium (I am from a music , not gaming, background). I put this one on Expert, just to see how I could do...I need a lot of preactice!

Lacuna Coil - "Survive" - This female-fronted goth metal band from Italy first caught my attention with the release of their debut album Karmacode in 2006. Lead singer Cristina Scabbia has an amazing stage presence and the band is awesome live. Their sound has changed a bit from that album to the present as they have evolved to a straight forward, alternative rock band. This song in RBN represents them pretty well and was fun for me to play.

KMFDM - "A Drug Against War" - I have like this band since I first saw them in the '80s when industrial metal was the rage along with other bands like Front 242, Thrill Kill Cult and Boston's own Manufacture. I was curious as to how their music would translate for Rock Band. The authors did a good job on this track and I enjoyed playing it. Check it out!

The Cold Goodnight - "Give" - Damian was one of the first HMX employees to complete the authoring of a song! I have to throw out the props to him for that and you should check out THE first song completed for RBN!

HMXcj, Web editor

Stroke 9 - "Little Black Backpack '09" - This song's moody vocals are going to satisfy any Rock Band singer, and the re-record really does the original justice. 

Five Finger Death Punch - "Burn It Down" - I've had FFDP on my profile DLC wishlist since I was hired at Harmonix, and it's exciting to see their first song come through on RBN. Crazy drums, intricate guitar, driving bass, and angry vocals. Love it. 

In This Moment - "Mechanical Love" - I have a weakness for chick-fronted metal bands, and In This Moment is an excellent one. Their track "Forever" is already in Rock Band, and "Mechanical Love" is an excellent addition - strong vocals and fun on any instrument.

Skindred - "Stand for Something" - I've been hearing this song daily on XM Radio, and I'm hoping playing it in Rock Band will help get it out of my head...seriously though, it's a super fun song.

HMXHenry, Associate Community Manager

3 Inches of Blood – "Battles and Brotherhood" - It’s about darn time RB got some power metal!  3 Inches of Blood are a great time and they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a refreshing change of pace from some metal acts out there.  This song is all about battleaxes, juggernauts and comrades of metal… what’s not to love?

Dear and the Headlights – "Talk About" - We saw Dear and the Headlights play at our space at SXSW in 2009 and they were awesome.  This song is raucous indie rock, with breaking vocals and acrobatic lyrics like “You’re like a constant crowding consonant / I’m a claustrophobic” that will keep your singer on their toes.

Jonathan Coulton – "Future Soon" - Most RB fans will recognize Coulton as the geek rocker behind "Still Alive" and "Skullcrusher Mountain," but what you may not know is that "Future Soon" was the first RBN song ever played in public, right up on stage at our RBN panel at PAX 2009.  This is a beautiful little love song about scientists, cyborgs and space labs (in space).

The Main Drag – "Tricky Girl" - "Tricky Girl" may be my new favorite song by The Main Drag.  I heard a demo version of this song a few months before it came out on CD and had the backing lalalalala’s stuck in my head for ages.  If you liked their song on the RB2 disc, "Jagged Gorgeous Winter," I’d recommend checking out "Tricky Girl" for a taste of their newer material.  

Stay tuned each week as we bring you HMX RBN Picks of the week!