Patriots' Day is past in Massachusetts.  Some people went off to run the Boston Marathon, and some of us attempted Rock Band marathons instead.  Here are the latest Rock Band Network recommendations from Harmonix and the RBN Creators Community!

HMXLachesis, Web QA Tester

Chrome Coma - "Bow Down" - Where did Chrome Coma come from?  I never heard of them before finding them on the RBN, but I wouldn't bat an eye if I heard "Bow Down" coming over the airwaves on my favorite rock station.  They're strict studio junkies - no live shows, even for their home town of Knoxville! - but they're quite impressive in the studio, turning out pieces with solid production values and a driving spirit of classic rock reborn in the modern day.  I really hope this won't be the last we hear from them.

Aittala - "Numb" - Eric Aittala (the solo artist of Aittala) has been composing and playing since 1991, and his experience shows in the quality and polish of his music.  The walking bass line of "Numb" isn't painfully complicated - nothing in the song is - but it feels great to play, and I love the expressiveness of the guitar as well.

Division Day - "Chalk Lines" - I have to tell you, this is a very weird song... but I like the weirdness of this song, and it keeps getting stuck in my head.  Rohner Segnitz's lyrical imagery comes straight out of H.P. Lovecraft or possibly  Stephen King's short story "1348" -- "The room is burning and we're still here / We are a circle of fourteen arms / Even as windows bend...."  The sound - well, their label Dangerbird calls Division Day indie rock, but left to their own devices, the band members call it "post-industrial blackened romantigaze."  Taken as a piece of music, "Chalk Lines" possesses a strange beauty, but the appropriate word is "intriguing" rather than "pretty".  Taken as a Rock Band track, I love surging into the chorus of "Chalk Lines" when I'm singing, and the off-beat drums present a fun, complicated challenge.

Xenigma, noble, FairwoodStudios, roseofjericho, RBN Creators Community

Dappled Cities - "The Price" - The first time I played this song it made me feel nostalgic. I'm not sure why, but the song is like a cross between Modest Mouse and The Walkmen. It's got catchy guitar riffs, fun vocal parts and is a blast to play for everyone. Definitely check it out.

Red9 - "Last Mistake" - I like to think I keep up on music - that I have some modicum of knowledge of the up and coming bands, so I don't become that crotchety old man yellin' at the kids to turn down all their scritchy scratch "music." More and more, RBN is schooling my old butt. Once again, I had no knowledge of Red9 prior to playing this song. They've got a new fan now... that is, if they'll take this crotchety old fart.  Really killer song that is a blast to listen to and just as equally fun to play. If you're a fan of fast strumming and pounding drums, pick this baby up. You won't be sorry.

Junius - "Elishiva, I Love You" - There's a handful of subgenres that authors get which I never figured would get used all that much. Coming from the Mogwai and Do Make Say Think school, I figured Post-Rock was going to be one of them- always slow, usually too long to author. Apparently, if I came from the Junius school, I would've thought differently. It's a trippy song with a great difficulty balance, dense drums, and an epic vocal style. Its slow pace only makes it better.

Chrome Coma - "Bow Down" - Where are they hiding all these awesome bands? Another unknown that comes to Rock Band with a really chunky guitar song. Little slower paced, but it more than makes up for it by bringing the chunk. Awesome song with an awesome chart. What more can you ask for?

bibleblack - "I Am Legion" - One thing metalcharter has been great about is providing a lot of metal for a great price. His latest release doesn't disappoint, with "I Am Legion" clocking in at just over seven minutes for a mere 80 Microsoft points. What sets this song apart from its counterparts, though, is not its length. Rather, it's the fantastic guitar part, which is full of variety.

Always challenging, but never overwhelming, guitarists can expect to get their fill of alt-strumming, wild HOPOs, and unpredictable chords, with a blistering solo to top it off. Even if the guitar part is too hard for you, the bass part carries over many of the most fun aspects while eliminating hurdles like the solo. It's a great song with great charts, and I highly recommend it!

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