Check out this week's HMX RBN recommendations, including tracks from Reveren Horton Heat, Blow Up Hollywood, and Third Eye Blind.

HMXHenry, Associate community manager

Reverend Horton Heat - "Indigo Friends" - The rockabilly stomp by way of lounge lizard crooning combine to form the rowdy mix of psychobilly that Reverend Horton Heat have been spreading across the land for over 20 years. "Indigo Friends" packs a punch on all instruments, with guitars full of twang, tricky swing drums and thick and steady bass that makes me wish we could package the track with an upright bass peripheral. The Rev puts on a hell of a show, so the next time this track comes on at a Rock Band night I expect to see plenty of couch surfing and a good old fashioned Texas psychobilly freakout to boot!

HMXLachesis, RBN Web QA tester

Freen In Green - "Frontier Factory" - If you're singing, don't pick this one (the charted vocal is a menacing background laugh) but otherwise, give it a try! This prog rock song is simply fun to play. It's got a funky groove that presents a challenge without being so hard that it breaks your fingers.

Blow Up Hollywood - "NDE" - When I played this indie rock song for the first time, my bassist compared Blow Up Hollywood's sound to Creed. It's languid yet moving, full of emotion without sacrificing musicality. Blow Up Hollywood specializes in concept albums, but "NDE" is gorgeous even out of context. Rumor has it this New York group will be bringing other songs to the RBN. I, for one, will have a close eye on their future progress.

The New Regime - "Take Control" - After singing through this song the first time, I immediately wanted to try it again. The sung pitch often moves only a step or a half step at a time, but it's deceptively difficult to match. Still, it's a whole lot of fun to sing! Researching the band, I discovered that The New Regime is the brainchild of Ilan Rubin, who drummed on two Nine Inch Nails tours and also used to be the drummer for Lostprophets (noteable for the song "Rooftops" from LEGO Rock Band.) It's difficult to believe that one performer is responsible for writing and recording this song, but Rubin played bass, drums, guitar, and piano as well as singing on "Take Control." It's an amazing effort, and one I wholeheartedly recommend.

noble, RBN Creators Community

The New Regime - "Take Control" - Wow. This song is awesome. I was unfamiliar (I've been saying that a LOT since joining the RBN Testing Society of America), but this song is just flat out a killer tune. The charts are a hoot and a holler to play, the song will get you head banging along to the beat (disclaimer: Bands are not responsible for neck injuries or sudden head loss due to said head banging in the elderly players), and I'm pretty sure that 11 out of 10 dentists recommend playing this song once a day to help fight....GINGIVITIS. Seriously though, pick this up. You'll love it.

Steele & Britton Feat. Taryn Murphy - "Bringing Love to the Party" - This is a fun little song. It's upbeat, it's poppy, and well, it's fun. YOU LIKE TO HAVE FUN, DON'T YOU?! Then go to the RBN store, put this in your download queue, and hold onto your pants, because playing this song can and will make your pants shoot off from fun overload. If you like Lady Gaga but her outfits give you the wiggins, then this is the song for you.

HMXcj, Web editor

Third Eye Blind - "Jumper '09" - A faithful re-record, and so satisfying to sing after being a fan for many years. It's like all those years of singing along with the radio paid off in Gold Stars.

The Devil Wears Prada - "HTML Rulez D00d" - As part of the Web Team, I kind of feel like I have to support any song with HTML in the title. Luckily this song is super-fun on drums, so I don't feel bad recommending it mostly based on the title.

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