Check out this week's HMX recommendations for Rock Band Network songs - more metal and indie rock favorites, plus a country tune and a very special "Other."

Asking Alexandria - "A Prophecy" (Metal)

"A Prophecy," featuring clear influences of rock, death metal, and electronica, may not be for everyone, but Asking Alexandria's talent and hard work come through loud and clear. With driving, complex instrumentation and three distinct and unique sections, it will not bore you. It is impossible not to feel like a badass while playing this song ... unless your vocalist decides to speak the screaming parts like a metro service announcement. - HMXDoglike, QA Tester

Evile - "Genocide" (Metal)

Intense, difficult, not for the weak (like all their tracks). Love this album - love playing the tracks in RBN. You get a huge sense of the technical musicianship behind Evile's work. - HMXThrasher, Community moderator - "We Like the Moon" (Other)

Because I love the moooon! - HMXThrasher, Community moderator

Loren Dircks - "I Hope You're Happy" (Country)

I dig the driving country sound with a rock guitar feel overlayed on top. The guitar solos are fun, and the lyrics are pretty hilarious. See if you can figure out what he’s talking about. - HMXthebeststeph, Publicist

Band of Horses - "The Great Salt Lake" (Indie Rock)

Band of Horses are great, but I was curious to see how they’d play out in Rock Band. This song is really fun to play though, if you’re in the mood for something more low key and melodic. Maybe it’ll inspire some Rock Band makeout sessions. - HMXthebeststeph, Publicist

Sleater-Kinney - "Jumpers" (Indie Rock)

These ladies always write lyrically-powerful songs with fun guitar and drum parts and strong vocals. Ever since their DLC song “You’re No Rock N’ Roll Fun” came out, I’ve been waiting for more from these guys, and this one is definitely going to be a favorite. - HMXJessica, Release engineer

Lightwires - "Magician" (Indie Rock/Lo-Fi)

What to call this? Pigeonholed as "Lo-Fi Indie," that somehow seems to fall short of describing what might otherwise be called "Trans-Atlantic Dirty Funk." It has its own sensibility about driving syncopation, with every instrument throwing you an off-balance rhythmic curve while the vocals float and soar over-top. And it all becomes so clear: you couldn't have dreamed this up, but somehow you realize you've always needed this in your life. - Markleford, RBN Community

Kingsize - "Rabbits" (Rock)

Proving that you can never have too many awesome songs about metaphorical magicians, "Rabbits" takes a slinky, sexy turn at the theme. While the instruments keep things cool and smokey at a prowling tempo, with only a short (but tasty) guitar solo distraction, the croaking gin-soaked vocals are the star here, sliding between blue notes and unexpected passing tones for a surprisingly challenging performance, despite the low-key context: Sleight of Vox, perhaps! - Markleford, RBN Community

Robotmakers - "Building a Robot" (New Wave / Synth)

This is why I love the Rock Band Network. Silly songs like this that actually rock can get into the game. "Building a Robot" is insanely catchy and will have you singing "Rooooobooooot" long after you finish playing the song. Definitely grab the demo and I'm pretty sure you'll be sold instantly. - OzoneEntertainment, RBN Community