Hey folks! It's been a while since the Harmonixers shared their favorite Rock Band Network songs with you. We've been a little busy launching Rock Band 3 and Dance Central. But now we're all caught up and rocking our favorite RBN tracks, and ready to share them with you!

Nonpoint - “Bullet With a Name” (Nu Metal)
Fantastically aggressive song from the band’s 2005 album, To The Pain – how awesome a name/allusion is that? Play this at your combination Rock Band/wrestling parties. - HMXThrasher, Community Moderator

I once spent an entire bus ride from Boston to New York listening to Nonpoint's To The Pain on repeat, so I was thrilled to see "Bullet With A Name" in RBN. Angry rock is always a good way to start a Rock Band setlist in my book. - HMXcj, Web Editor

Converge - “Dark Horse” (Metal)
One of my friends was complaining to me that we didn’t have enough “hard sounding” music in RBN. I pointed him towards this track and said: “enjoy your bloody fingers and raw vocal chords.” He quickly shut up about “hard” music. - HMXThrasher, Community Moderator

Polar Bear Club – "Living Saints" (Punk)
Maybe my favorite song to hit Rock Band this year, Polar Bar Club plays melodic punk / hardcore full of “HEY HEY” gang vocal chants and moments ideal for doing sweet guitar jump kicks off your sofa. Highly recommended for your next RB party with friends, your very own group of “living saints.” - HMXHenry, Community Manager

The Red Chord – "Antman" (Metal)
This track is a perfect example of RBN as fanboy wish fulfillment. I’ve known guys in the band for almost ten years and I used to watch them play in a YMCA gymnasium. Now they’re playing stadiums and huge festivals and I can play one of their songs in Rock Band (but not very well, it is HARD) thanks to the power of RBN. - HMXHenry, Community Manager

Stan Bush – "The Touch" (Rock)
In addition to being one of the most frequently requested songs for Rock Band, this song is basically "Stairway to Heaven" to '80s kids that grew up watching The Transformers: The Movie every day after school. THERE, I SAID IT.- HMXHenry, Community Manager

GWAR– "Let Us Slay" (Metal)
We had the good fortune to interview GWAR at SXSW this past summer and ever since then people have been asking when we’d see playable tracks from them. Here we go, courtesy of RBN! For a “joke band” that wears latex costumes and sprays fake blood on fans at shows these guys are serious musicians as evidenced by the 4 and 5 Tier difficulties for guitar, bass and drums. - HMXHenry, Community Manager

Fake Problems – "Soulless" (Indie Rock)
Super jangly guitars, almost like a slightly poppier Gaslight Anthem with these little doo-woppy “oooooh ooooooooohs” and Town Called Malice style “bapbapbaddabap”s in the backing vocals. - HMXHenry, Community Manager

Since October - "The Way You Move" (Rock)
This one has a driving drumbeat and a catchy chorus. I've heard it a bunch on the radio lately, and was psyched to sing it in Rock Band since I had no idea what the lyrics were other than the title. - HMXcj, Web Editor

All That Remains - "The Waiting One" & "Hold On" (Metal)
All That Remains is one of those bands I discovered by playing Rock Band and couldn't believe I'd never listened to them before, so I'm thrilled every time they release a new song through Rock Band Network. Both of these songs are from their latest album, For We Are Many, and make awesome Rock Band tracks. - HMXcj, Web Editor

OK Go - "White Knuckles" (Alternative)
OK, yeah, maybe this song sounds like it belongs in our sister game Dance Central as much as it does Rock Band, but there's enough funky guitar bits in this one (from OK Go's excellent Of the Blue Colour of the Sky album) to challenge your fingers even while your hips are shaking. - HMXAllen, Senior Web Software Developer


You guys at Harmonix are awesome. Never dissapointed with what you guys bring to the table. Keep up the good work and keep the free world rockin.